GNU ZOID Snowboard Regular 149

GNU ZOID Snowboard Regular 149

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You have two options: spend the winter suffering through roid rage, making mundane trips to the gym to pick up heavy objects, or get out-of-this-world pitted on the GNU Zoid Asym DEC2 BTX Snowboard. Tested to much fanfare last year, the directional, trapezoidal, and asymmetrically shaped Zoid took the world of snowboarding by storm -- so much so that it threatened to change "snowboarding" to "zoiding." Rumored to be shaped by extraterrestrials, the asymmetric geometries of the Zoid give you the ability to float, pop, slash, crash, thrash and carve backwards or forwards into the future, and beyond any earthly boundaries. Experience the beautiful weirdness for yourself and mount up the game-changing GNU Zoid ASYM DEC2 BTX Snowboard.


Length - 149

Effective Edge - 112

Waist - 23.9

Nose/Tail - 27.8/27.6

Sidecut - 8.2/7.9


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IV30 1LU

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