Crab Grab Board Thorns - Black

Crab Grab Board Thorns - Black

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Crab Crab know a thing or two about traction and the Board Thorns could be their best snowboard stomp pad yet!

Using curved THORN-SPIKES to keep your boot in contact with Crab Grab's extra special CRUBBER stomp pad material you know your boot ain't gunna be slippin any time soon. Coming in two distinct parts allows you to place the Board Thorns wherever you please. Perfect for any boot size or if you ride both ways.

Lastly Crab Grab have used their extra strong SCREW-GLUE which ensures a lasting hold that will keep these stomp pads secure forever.


The Lowdown
  • Size: 3.5 x 3.125 Inches each
  • Material: CRUBBER