Dakine Mini Edge Tuner Snowboard/Ski File Tool

Dakine Mini Edge Tuner Snowboard/Ski File Tool

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The Dakine Mini edge tuner tool is the perfect way to keep the edges of any snowboard or ski nice and sharp and free from rust.

Quickly remove any nicks or blemishes without having to drop your board off for a service. A handy precision tool with the exact 88 and 90 degree angles already pre-set. Contains a double side metal file and is compatible with Magnatraction snowboards. This handy edge tuner also comes with an extra file.

Sharpening the edges of your snowboard or skis gives you more control by increasing the 'bite' into the snow. This is particularly important when the snow is hard packed or icy, this enormously assists your ability to stop and turn. Making sure your edges are sharp also helps the board or skis to glide smoothly - cutting the ice rather than sliding sideways.

Use long smooth strokes with the Edge Tuner overlapping each section to maintain a uniform edge from tip to tail. If you are unsure as to how much edge to remove, mark the edge with a black magic marker and then file the edge until the marker is gone. Wipe the edge filings off the base, after every two or three strokes, to prevent grinding the edge filings into the base.

Use 90 degrees for normal riding and 88 degrees for extreme racing performance.


Features Include:
  • Pocket sized guide for side edge filing
  • Two sided tool offers the choice of a 0 or 2 degree bevel
  • MagnaTraction compatible